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Back in 2011, I was hearing crickets at the beginning of the year in regards to acting. After booking House and Big Love and going to callbacks for Medium . . . a whole lot o' nothing.  After several months, I started to get twitchy. A latent dissatisfaction seeped into my bones, and I found myself questioning life and what the heck I was doing out here in LA.  Dream, schmeam. It was time to get real, whatever that means.

Now, being of a generally happy disposition and having a deep-seated belief in proactivity (yep, made that up right here on the spot) as being one of the keys to a fulfilled life, I started to ponder my situation and what I could do. Ponder, think, wonder, hmmm . . . and I came up with 100 Characters 100 Days.  

For 100 consecutive days I filmed an improv monologue as a different character each day. In order to avoid the pitfalls of perfectionism, I set-up certain rules for myself:


  1. One continuous take; 

  2. Once record was hit--that was it--no stopping;

  3. I was only allowed to use what I had on hand--no purchasing of additional props or costumes; 

  4. I was only allowed to prepare in the hour preceding filming--it was to be true dramatic improv; and

  5. Provided I was at home, I filmed in the same location every time.

You can meet all 100 characters below.

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