Melanie has a quiet power as well as a deep humanity that makes her audiences care. She is generous, authentic, imminently watchable, and a delight to work with. I am a huge fan.

- Risa Bramon Garcia, Director/CD/Producer/Teacher

[Melanie] did fabulous work and it’s been cutting together great.

- David Graziano, Co-Executive Prod., American Gods


I'd work with Melanie Cruz again and again. She is a fine actress, who brought great heart to her role on Big Love.

- David Knoller, Executive Producer, Big Love

Melanie's role in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. needed to quickly establish authority while staying relatable to the audience, which she did effortlessly and with grace.

- Ron Underwood, Director, Tremors

Who I am . . . Upon first impression, I may seem to be a non-traditionalist with my go-with-the-flow attitude and easy laughter, but know that I am a mixture of old fashioned and modern all rolled up into one. While I am an equal opportunity eater, people tend to think I'm a vegetarian--go figure. I occasionally have to remind friends that I'm a happy meat eater. Now, it's preferable if the meat is grass-fed and organic, but I won't turn my nose up at In-N-Out every now and again.

I am mostly happy, but sometimes I'm a grumpus. When in grumpus-mode, I generally have enough self-awareness to apologize or at least warn you;-)

I believe in honor and integrity. I believe that food is one of the great sensual pleasures of life, and I also believe that you are what you eat. I believe in the power of beauty to bring enlightenment but am no slave to its altar. I believe in God but no religion. I believe that humans are mostly good with some other stuff thrown in to remind us of that good.

Hiking, biking, metro riding, eating, motorcycle riding, cooking and voracious curiosity are all part of my weekly life.

I have lived in France, Antarctica and London and traveled quite a bit. My passion is the arts, and until recently I made my living my living as a paralegal.

I got my motorcycle license in 2014 (a long-time dream), and purchased my first bike, a beautiful Suzuki S40, in 2015.

Straight from the

EP/Director's Mouth

If my life was a fairy tale . . . Once upon a time there was a little girl who grew up in Colorado and dreamed of becoming a great actress. Despite a small mishap at the age of seven in the forest with some fairies she pursued her dream with an infectious laugh and a vigor that inspired even the notoriously grumpy trolls. With a book in her hand and wonderful companions by her side this girl grew into a woman whose adventures took her to Europe, Thailand and even the far reaches of Antarctica.

An adventurous and curious lass, this girl spent her sixteenth year abroad in the small but delightful walled city of Dinan in the kingdom of France. There she learned all things French, from the language to the culture to the secrets of the perfect crepe.  She then studied at the great educational institution of Barnard in the kingdom of New York where she earned her BA in Theatre and English. Desirous of culture beyond that offered by her studies stateside,

she spent time studying acting in the glorious United Kingdom under the auspices of BADA (British American Drama Academy).


Her adventures continued and she spent a year at The Astors' Beachwood Mansion in Newport in the kingdom of Rhode Island where she portrayed lady Charlotte Drayton and a perky French domestic by the name of Mady Auber.  She then traveled north to the tiny yet fierce kingdom of New Hampshire where she took up a position as a traveling troubadour and toured the kingdoms of New York, New Jersey and the entire eastern seaboard.

Knowing that the time had come to settle in on her career pursuits, she had one last grand adventure in the glorious kingdom of Antarctica where she spent a year at the Station of McMurdo. A brief trip to Western Samoa and a six-week expedition to Thailand later, she was ready.

In January of the year 2005, her fierce love of acting brought her to the crazy kingdom of Los Angeles where she, Bodicea, Hunter Augustus, Molly and Merlin, her enchanted animals, have made their home ever since.

©Actor Melanie Cruz 2016

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