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I've been writing lyrics since I was a kid, mostly folksy stuff, the kind you'll find many a singer/songwriter belting out at the Hotel Cafe. But I've also dabbled in pop-rap. Built Like a Botticelli was my first foray into the genre.


It all started with a 3oh 3 concert in December of 2009. Not really my type of music, but it was a chance to take my baby sister to her first concert, and I couldn’t refuse. To my surprise, I found myself enjoying the music and the incredible energy behind the performances.


A short while later, I wrote the first lines of what was to become Built Like a Botticelli, “I’m a white Hispanic girl with booty to match.” I laughed at myself and said something to the effect of, “Yeah, right, like you’re going to write a rap song.” But the song refused to be ignored.

By March 2010 I had finshed the lyrics and was ready to find a producer to lay down the track. I always knew the song needed to be a music video and was simultaneously looking for a director. Meeting Greg Cruz, a freelace music producer, was a happy accident that led to the current track.

While working with Greg, I started collaborating with a director on the concept for the video. That didn't pan out, but I struck gold when I interviewed Lauren Tracy of Blue Fever. At our first meeting, she brought in a Kate Nash music video that perfectly captured the tone I was looking for, and what followed was a dream collaboration.


Thanks to the generous contributions of friends and family in addition to my own moola, I was able to cobble together a budget for the video. I produced, Lauren directed and many other talented folks contributed their time and resources, either unpaid or underpaid. As anyone in this industry knows--it takes a village!

What follows is a tongue-in-cheek look at online dating by a while Hispanic girl (that's me) . . .

WARNING: Outtakes below!

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