Big Love

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Bloodline (Pilot)

American Horror Story (Pilot)

House M.D.

The Young and the Restless

I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant

Colonel Molly Fleisher

Bishop Benedict (Recurring)

Agent Noelle Walters




ER Doctor

Tainted Juror (2 episodes)


ABC | Valerie Weiss

HBO | David Knoller & Dan Attias

NBC | Ron Underwood

ABC | Helen Shaver

NBC | Peter Berg

FX | Ryan Murphy

FOX | David Straiton

CBS | Grant Johnson & Mike Denney

TLC | Jeff Daniels

FILM (select credits)

Los Angeless: Birdy

Paranormal Parenting

Murder Manual

The Big Toe (In French)

Thursday’s Speaker

La Premiere (In French)







Los Angeless | Nathalie Simone Touboul

Benchwarmer Productions | Ian Van der Werff

Rock & Hammer Films | Michael Escobedo

Matt Quezada | Chapman U.

UglyStick Productions | Gary Hebert

Loaded Media | Michael & Nick Regalbuto

THEATRE (select credits)

Never Not Once

Lucky Me

Dr. Du Bois and Miss Ovington

Goodbye Marilyn: A Love Letter

The War Zone is Our Bed

Our Beds Are Crowded (West Coast Premier)

How Katrina Plays

Little Black Lies: Analog

The Vagina Monologues

A Streetcar Named Desire

The Skriker

Two Rooms

Bunny Tales: Episode IV – Bunny Wars


Angel: A Nightmare of the Holocaust

Fables for Friends

The Merchant of Venice

Comic Potential

Senoritas in Concert

Allison Davis | Lead

Sara | Lead

Miss Ovington | Lead

Marilyn Monroe | Lead

Susan | Lead

Wife | Lead

Coonass Blooze & Gilligan's Island

Nadia | Lead

Vagina Workshop

Stella | Lead

Lily | Lead

Lainie | Lead

Mrs. McGregor | Lead

Belarius | Ensemble

Olga Lengyel | Ensemble


Waiter/Jailer | Supporting

Trudi | Supporting

1st Leader | Ensemble

​Rubicon Theatre | Katharine Farmer

Theatre West | James Alexander Bond

The Robey Theatre Co. | LATC | Ben Guillory

Working Stage Theater | Michael Phillips

Write Act Repertory Theatre | Ken Cosby

Write Act Repertory Theatre | Stefan Lysenko

Write Act Repertory Theatre | Tchia Casselle

Avery Schreiber Theatre | Katherine James

DGA, Theatre One | Lindsay Horvath

Feinburg Auditorium | Jamie Pearlberg

Minor Latham Playhouse | Kara Feeley

Everyman Theatre Company | Michael R. Duran

Edgemar Center for the Arts | Diane Namm

Theatrum Elysium | Aaron Ganz

Crown City Theatre | William Reilly

The Underground Theatre | Frayne Rosanoff

LAWSC/Ivy Substation | Lisa Wolpe

Aurora Fox | Terry Dodd

Minor Latham Playhouse | Claudia Orenstein


List upon request.

VOICE OVER (select credits)

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Madagascar Game & Mini Doc

French Voice

Malagasy Scientist/Narrator

Naughty Dog | Neil Druckmann & Bruce Straley

California Academy of Science


Built Like a Botticelli

Hello, I Love You (Remix)


Day Player

Lauren Tracy

Smuggler | Happy


BA in Theatre & English – Barnard College, Columbia University, New York, NY


On Camera:           Krater Studios; BGB Studios

Commercials:          Michael Hamen; Bob Luke (Private)

Scene Study:           British American Drama Academy (BADA), London

Improv:                  Darrin Yalacki; Brian McCulley, Fiona Shaw (BADA); Chicago City Limits

Stage Combat:        Swordplay; Mike Loades (BADA)


Technique:              Linda Mallas


Antarctic Explorer; Fluent French; Int. Spanish; Accents: RP, Boston, Southern Debutante, Irish, Y’at, Cajun, Quebecois (English & French), Russian, French and Rabid Chipmunk; Vintage Dance; Stilt Walker; Lyricist/Singer; Stick and Automatic; Carpentry; Pop-Rapper; Knowledge of Brain Physiology; Current CA Driver and Motorcycle Licenses; Current U.S. Passport; Certified Diver (NAUI)